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How and Why to Teach Your Kids to Code using

Hello Everyone,
How and Why to Teach Your Kids to Code

This will be the first of many blogs that will give you insight into why you and your child should learn coding aka computer programming. I am going to cover why you should teach you child code in this blog and then in another blog post I will cover how you can do this. First and for most why do you wanna teach you child computer programming? If you wanna teach you child computer programming because you want them to be the next Bill Gates or the next founder of something world changing you might want to rethink why your helping them learn coding. The people that change the world have amazing drive and skills and also a little bit of luck and these skill are inside all of your kids.The reason your child should learn computer programming is its fun and they will be able to build amazing things from web pages and apps to even video games but that does not happen over night it takes lots of time of learning and practicing.  The best way to do this is learn a little bit and then just jump into a project and learn as you build your first idea.  It may not look great but everyone has to start some where.  What I would tell every parent is let your kids know about coding and try and get the time they already spend on the computer to be used in a more creative way.  Once they see coding and see what they can do you can tell them this is the real life super power and they will be hooked on coding.  You as a parent should watch some videos/ take our course on coding and this will help your child if they get stuck on any problems. You can support there learning and growing as an amazing student and learner. If your child has a group of friends give them a project or idea and have them work together to build something group learning is the best way for people to push eachother to learn more. This is why no company was founded by only one member because it takes a team or a group to build something amazing.  Coding for be the next team sport because no one is ever left out.  These coding clubs/ campus are starting to show up all over the country.

The next question is how to you try and bring these amazing skills that they have to light. The how will be covered later.


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