Halloween’s right around the corner!!!!!

…and so is coding! But how do you get your candy-hungry kids just as excited about computers?

Codemoji has three tips for you:

  1. They like candy, do they…? Bribe ‘em!

Literally what it means. Set individual goals for each student + bigger goals for the whole class, and reward them at the end for their hard work! If they have a sweet tooth already, why not use it to spark interest in coding?

PRO TIP: Go beyond candy. Promise them better rewards, like seeing their teacher dressed up ridiculously, or a day of fun little activities & games they adore. Don’t wanna give them too many cavities…

  1. Mysterious strangers.

We know your kids love you, but a fresh face once in a while wouldn’t hurt! Involve their parents, since no other adults (besides you, of course) can have a stronger impact on their children. If possible, bring in outside professionals (could even be one of those parents, or just another faculty member) who can talk about their experiences with coding.

But don’t worry, the parade of new people won’t impress your class that much; of course, they’ll remain forever loyal to you throughout it all 😉


  1. How many sites are available at your fingertips?!

The Internet is a new thing and while it may not be all sunshine & rainbows, it does provide us access to millions of resources within seconds. Use them! Coding with pesky syntax is a pain for even high school students, so choose creative websites that simplify learning and strive to be as relatable as possible. Your kids will thank you later, we promise!


There, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Time to code an algorithm that automatically trick-or-treats….


Sweetly yours,

We @Codemoji

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