Creating a fun and interesting learning environment has a great effect on the how much is being learned and understood. I for one would likely fall asleep when being taught in a dour, plain-painted room than when being taught in a brightly colored and lively environment. Studies have revealed that there is a correlation between assimilation and learning environment, as students have been shown to learn better when they are taught in

Creating a fun and productive learning environment has a lot to do with organization. It also has a great deal to do with how the classroom is looks hence a welcome, inviting theme with mild and cool colors is more likely to engage students than a dull, sterile environment. These themes can also be organized to fit with the overall goal of that particular academic session. For instance, a poetry –themed academic session could have pictures of famous poets, banners displaying lines from poems which they are familiar with or soon to be familiar with and

Programming is a coming up as a recent addition to the curriculum of most schools and like with any new innovation, it can be quite challenging. Creating themes based off simple programming languages, games and puzzles is one way to stir up the interest of your students in programming. Codemoji, a company focused on making programming easy and fun to learn by eliminating complex syntaxes and replacing them with familiar and easy to remember emojis features several themes which will spice up your classroom learning environment and ignite the sleeping Jobs or Gates in your students.

These themes based on programming can be in the form of puzzles, stickers and banners on your students’ drawers, board games on the wall, and prints on their utensils like cups, spoons, pencils and books. And if you are a teacher having a hard time getting your kids to embrace programming, these creative themes will make your job easier. However, when creating themes for classrooms, moderation is key as you don’t want to create themes which are more of a distraction than. These themes have to be kept simple, interesting but not overly engaging to the extent that they start to distract them during classes.

When employing themes, especially new ones, it helps to announce the theme of the particular term before they arrive, you could send messages and create brochures which provides the students with information about the exciting things slated for that academic session. This early prompting also helps as the kids are motivated to kick start their own research on the themes and created personalized themes based off of it. Making the first day very thematic helps in getting every kid involved and excited about the theme for the particular academic session. For a programming based theme, have the kids come together to design a simple game or solve a programming-based puzzle.

In designing the classroom from the chosen theme, you design the classroom in a way which transforms the entire learning space, making it visible to all who enter. Also bulletins, especially the permanent ones should be made to match the classroom’s theme and with a unique backdrop. Parents should also be involved in your chosen theme and newsletters of the theme should be sent regularly.

Beyond the effect which creative class room themes have on learning, it can help develop the sense of community of your class and when they work on creating custom themes, they feel a sense of ownership for the themes. The above areas of learning, ownership and community which they would develop in the course of that term will make immense contribution to the student’s growth.

So as you set out to set the tone of your classrooms theme with a particular purpose in mind, you should make sure you consider the impact something as simple as that will have on the overall class mood and performance.


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