Coding for Kids

Coding for Kids

Computer programming is a complex subject from an adult point of view so it can be quite a challenge for kids. The best time to introduce a new skill to kids is when they are still in their formative years. This is when the brain is flexible enough to create new segments for specialized material, and that is why music and language introduced at an early age stays there forever. In the past few years, there has been a deliberate focus on introducing children to coding as a way of adaptation to the changes of the current and future technological advancements.

Coding as a skill should be taken with the same seriousness as language is, and this should be irrespective of the potential career path. By embracing coding from an early age, kids are able to not only stay relevant in a competitive world but also to develop a problem-solving mindset from an early age.

What age is appropriate for introduction to coding?

As early as a child is able to understand what is being said to them or can play a game and appreciate the various moves, they are ready for coding. Children at this age will not be exposed to the main coding language lest they lose interest in their complexity, but they will definitely enjoy creating or moving items on a screen. At this tender age, coding helps in boosting communication, enhancing creativity and encouraging critical thinking.

How is coding introduced?

As a parent, it may be a challenge to introduce your children to coding because they may not have a student-friendly learning environment at home. Most kids learn best when they are grouped with others who are doing the same thing. One of the most common approaches to introducing children to coding is to enroll them in after-school programs of playgroups where coding is used as part of the gaming experience.

The future of coding for kids

The world is just waking up to the reality that every gadget used in modern times use digital technology. This makes life easier because digital gadgets are easier to operate compared to analogue devices. In the near future, parents and teachers will be required to teach kids how to manipulate code at the earliest opportunity. The future will not have room for anyone who is not familiar with code, and this is evident even in the gaming circles where gaming companies are incorporating coding into the fun experience.

Codemoji is one of the gaming leaders when it comes to inclusion of coding in games, and if all others were to follow suit, the world would be a buzz of code in no time.


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