Learn to code HTML and CSS and more with the ease of emoji.

What we do: Codemoji is a breakthrough coding platform that’s as easy to learn as texting your friends with emoji. Codemoji fast-tracks learning by eliminating pesky code syntax and typing hurdles, focusing on intuitive, relatable emoji that represent and function as standardin HTML and CSS code.

At the heart of Codemoji is a deep belief that learning to code should not be hindered by a lack of proficient typing or syntax confusion, but focused on creating, building and mastering the fundamentals of code. Codemoji empowers coders, instantly bolstering their confidence and efficiency allowing for rapid learning and long-term retention.

Future/Yo this could be big: Yesterday was rote learning and IQ scores. Today is problem solving and persistence, envisioning and creating. There are no limits to what we can achieve. In this decade, success comes from thoughtful observation, from trying over and over again, from unswaying dedication and genuine passion.

Mission/What we believe: We believe that nurturing enthusiasm and happiness in every child will allow them to shape their future. As teachers and parents and mentors, teaching our kids how to code is like gifting them the knowledge and tools to reach for the stars. We at Codemoji.com seek to inspire life-long passion for coding, imagination without bounds, and the courage to chase after your dreams.

Livio Bolzon: Livio Bolzon is a young out going person who has a great understand of the startup world and education landscape.

Matt Cullen: codemoji’s co-founder has extensive experience managing online and mobile properties for the NFL. Under his leadership, the NFL Kids online property grew to be the #1 kids sports online destination with 7MM+ registered users and 1.5MM+ MAUs. (Site KPIs increased 7x during his leadership.) He has led the concepting and development of 150+ Flash and HTML5 games totaling over 1.5 billion gameplays. Matt has created a trading card game and game engines, including board games (NFL RUSH ZONE), and the patent-pending Infinergy game engine (TCG) along with designing and producing the NFL RUSH Pick Em app with head-to-head Fantasy gaming for every NFL game.

Chase Engelbrecht: Codemoji’s CTO is a self-taught web developer, specializing in both front and back end development. He has worked a series of freelance jobs in the industry, designing and building web applications for startups as well as personalized sites for small businesses.